I never used to think of myself as an artist because I didn't paint or draw. At the time I didn't even realize that dance could truly be considered an art. But as I was creating lines and mixing colors on my face, I started realizing that I am in fact an artist.

I have been working with makeup for 10 years on a personal level but I have been studying it as an art for about 3 years. I have seen a real need for it in the dance industry because so many of my fellow dancers or parents of dancers don't know how to apply stage makeup. I know that that's an area I can be helpful in.

I received my certification at Ruby Makeup Academy in their Pro Beauty course as well as their Airbrush course. This allows me to be able to bring my passion to you in whatever ways you may need whether it is for a        wedding, prom, date night, dance performance, theater   performance or whatever you can think of!