Oh, the Places You'll Go...And Lay Down

So my darling little son has always been a bit dramatic. I know most young children throw tantrums and during that tantrum throwing they tend to also do some self throwing...onto the ground.

My daughter (Bai) never used to do that, she just used to cry or get mad. So when my son first threw himself on the ground during a tantrum it scared me a little. And also...it scared him! He hit his head (on carpeted floor) and was completely shocked. That was the last time he threw himself down like that. NOW what he does is lowers himself very slowly and gently down to a seated position first and then transitions into a lying position. It turns the drama factor way up and takes my guard way down! I go from "frustrated" mommy to "have to hide my face because I'm laughing" mommy immediately.

He has moved from doing this mainly at home to doing it anywhere and everywhere. My husband and I have decided to archive (and meme) these moments in a segment that I'm calling...well you read the title...

Oh, the Places...Part 1

Oh, the Places...Part 2

Oh, the Places...Part 3