The Biggest Part of an Iceberge...

    Have you ever sat and watched a performance and wondered what it must have looked like behind the scenes? I do that all the time when watching TV. I will see an extremely funny scene in a movie or show and wish that I could have been there during filming or rehearsal! Was everyone cracking up? Did they have to do several takes because of all the mess ups?

   And then I thought about how we have lot's of moments like that during dance rehearsals. There are lot's of moments where we are just simply having the time of our lives! And I am pretty entertained by it so I thought maybe others would be too!

I decided to secretly (kinda) film my dance team during our rehearsals. There were times when they didn't know I was filming and times when they knew and tried to stop me! It was a fun game but because I was trying to be secretive about it the filming isn't the best ever...Oh well, the spirit behind it is what matters right!? I really hope you enjoy this glimpse into our world of dance and why I love it so much!

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