Halloween Part 3-Mystical Creatures (Phoenix)

Halloween is T-minus 4 days away! Last night was the end of the House of Lashes mystical creatures HOLoween2015 contest on Instagram. I won't know until tomorrow if either one of my looks qualify me as a finalist. Crossing my fingers! I have such a hard time with contests because I have such a hard time with failure. I can do contests. That's not a problem. The problem is when I actually try and win. I used to make a funny face when someone wanted to take my picture because that way when the picture came out ugly it was obvious I meant for it to be. If I actually tried to look nice and then the picture came out crazy looking I wouldn't have any excuse to fall back on for why I look like a crazy person. I act the same way with competition. I tend to act very "whatever" about them in order to not get my hopes up. Funny thing is the fact that I take on an "I don't care" attitude shows in my work and it becomes very "whatever" work. The few times I actually decided that I was going to work hard on something competitive I actually placed. Usually second place but I was just happy to place.

Lately I have been trying to take on a new attitude about competition. Ive been trying to be okay with not being the best and just focusing on being my best. I do eventually want to be THE BEST though. Haha...

Until then I will leave you with me doing my best first attempt at a Phoenix. There are things that I would do differently if I did this look again but I still like the way it came out. So enough rambling on...here is the look and product details:

Product Details


  • Skin (face and neck): Ulta skin primer and Trader Joe's oil free face moisturizer
  • All the colors from the Sugarpill Burning Heart palette
  • Red, yellow, and orange from a Halloween cream facepaint palette that has no name on it
  • Turquoise liquid Shimmer Eyeliner from Nicka K
  • Brushes: Mostly Sephora, E.L.F., and Morphe Brushes.


  • Eyebrows: Sugarpill Bulletproof
  • Eyeballs: E.L.F. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer
  • Eyeshadow: Chocolate Cookie from the Too Faced Natural Matte palette, Nutmeg from the Smashbox On The Rocks palette, and Sugarpill's Bulletproof
  • Eyeliner: Tattoo Liner in Trooper by Kat Von D, and a random black pencil with the name rubbed off....
  • Eyelashes: Some random no name lashes with CoverGirl LashBlash Volume Mascara in Blackest Black! (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE)


  • The red from the cream facepaint palette
  • Topped with Amor from Glitter Injections

Hope you liked this look. It isn't as dark and mysterious as I would have liked it to be but maybe that's okay. Maybe it's okay to have a slightly more innocent looking Phoenix. Maybe this is a young Phoenix and I do another older more mysterious looking one later...?

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