Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Hey everyone, Sam of Antha here from! If you don't know yet Jeffree Star Cosmetics products are now available at Morphe Brushes in Burbank! I will be making a trip soon to get a few shades of his velour liquid lipstick. There are some colors he offers that are like no other (I have tried to recreate them). They truly are a one of a kind matte lipstick.

Doing research on his product and other similar products I couldn't help but reflect:

When I first started wearing lipstick I had the hardest time! I didn't want to wear anything sticky or shiny. I didn't want to have to constantly touch it up the whole day. I didn't want to get lipstick on everything. I didn't want red or pink. And finally...I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg to get a different shade.

I started looking and was quickly discouraged. If I found the perfect color it was crazy sticky. If I found the perfect finish it was bright red. If I found the right color and finish it was crazy expensive! Until something happened...

The makeup world grabbed hold of matte lipsticks and ran with them! Not only did almost every makeup company start to create this finish in more then 1 color but they suddenly started embracing crazier colors! Someone who comes into the makeup world now for the first time is going to have an amazing amount of options on both color and finish! I absolutely love where makeup is right now and how much more "out of the box" people are becoming! I can only hope for great things to come!

*In case you were wondering I'm going to be getting Abused and the new brown shade Dominatrix! And maybe...Posh Spice...and maybe...Just take all my money Jeffree! Have you tried any of their products? Let me know what you think!

Click on the above image to see more Jeffree Star products!

Click on the above image to visit their website and see other products they have to offer!

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*update* Here are the products I got from Morphe Brushes: