Before and Afters-Getting Over Some Fears

Today is going to be a quick one. I just wanted to talk really fast about how I am overcoming a fear of mine! When I first got into the business of makeup I didn't realize that learning a bit about photography would come with it. I have always stayed away from anything too complex when it came to photos or videos and had no interest in learning anything about it. But I have discovered that makeup and photography go hand and hand and that I was going to have to get over it. I have been dabbling in simple picture editing (making the image brighter and things like that) but I was still scared of video. I didn't want to post anything on YouTube and then get mean comments. I have had my fair share of being bullied and I didnt see why I would volunterrily open myself up to the potential of it happening again. But then I thought...I'M GROWN! I will not let the potential of someone being mean stop me from exploring all the things in all the land. So! With that being are some fun before and after videos that I did! Hope you enjoy them!

These are simple and super fun and I will probably be doing a ton of them! Is there any videos you would like to see me do? Any topics you are interested in? Let me know in the comment section below and don't forget to subscribe and follow to see everything as I post it!