Crafty Business Part 1- Image to Wood Transfer

Hey everyone! Sam of Antha here from Antha Designs. Today's post is a bit different then what I usually put up but still just as much a part of me! Dancing and makeup both come from a place of wanting to create something. I have found that my urge to create extends farther out than just those two. I love being crafty!

Being crafty has definitely been a must in my career as a teacher. I never realized first going into it how much I would be creating things. I also didn't realize how much I was going to miss it when I stopped working. So when I got a job as a dance teacher and Christmas was approaching I knew that it was the perfect chance for me to craft!

I decided on a photo to wood transfer for my kids! I had done that project before for my mom and I really liked how it came out. The problem was that I couldn't find the pin I used from Pinterest the last time and all the other pinsweren't working for me. One tutorial said to print on card stock, let it dry overnight, then rub the card stock off the next day...Well I had 11 photos to do and didn't have time (I'm a procrastinator) to wait overnight to see if it even worked. And what if it didn't work? I would have the ink on the wood and it would have been all messed up. I didn't have money to buy new wood if the ones I was using got ruined! After searching Pinterest, finding different tutorials, AND reading the comment sections on these tutorials I came up with the perfect way to execute the project. Seriously...the comment section was key! Other peoples trial and errors can be your lesson!

I am sharing that way with you because I didn't see any other pin out there that did it the way I chose to do it. I really hope this is helpful to someone and please leave a comment if you try it this way and are successful or if you have any questions.

What you'll need:

  • Elmer's washable glue
  • Mod Podge (I used the matte finish one)
  • A piece of wood with a smooth surface
  • A paint brush (I suggest using two different ones for each glue...I didn't have another one so I used my fingers for the Elmer's...and then I got to peel it off my hands!)
  • A printable transparency sheet.

*If you are using a laser printer you need a laser specific transparency sheet. If you are using an ink jet printer (like mine) you can use either an ink jet transparency or laser transparency. They will both get the job done. I suggest not buying an entire pack (it's pricey)! Office Depot sells them for 50 cents a sheet in their printing area but because they use laser printers they only sell laser transparency sheets (which worked fine for me).

  • First cover the area of the sheet that you are printing on in the Elmer's glue. I printed several images at once so I covered the entire sheet.
  • Let it dry completely! You don't want wet glue in your printer!
  • Once it dries completely you can print your image right onto the dried glue.
  • The ink will be a bit wet so try not to touch it or it will smudge!
  • Paint a coat of Mod Podge onto the piece of wood. DON'T let it dry completely or the image won't adhere to it. DON'T place the image on as soon as you put the coat of mod podge onor the ink will smudge. You want to find that sweet spot between "not soaking wet" and "not completely dry"
  • Once you place the image on the wood push down to make sure all areas are touching the mod podge so it will completely adhere and there aren't area bubbles.
  • Once it has dried a bit (I gave it about 10 minutes) you can use a credit card to rub the image against the wood to further take out air bubbles. I suggest testing the credit card method on an area toward the bottom of the image to see if the ink moves or not. If the ink stays put then rub the rest of the image.
  • Let mod podge dry completely before removing the transparency or else some parts of the image will stick and other parts will lift ( I gave it about an hour).
  • Remove the transparency SLOWLY. If you notice some parts of the image lifting still you can place it back down, rub it hard, and then try removing again.
  • The transparency can now be used again and you don't have to waist paper! My favorite part!

*The beautiful thing about printing on washable glue is that if you position it wrong on the mod podge wood, or you accidentally smudge a face or whatever, you can just use a wet wipe to remove the image and try again. This means there IS room for error! Just make sure the wood is dry before applying another layer of mod podge and starting over again.

And here is the result. I made 11 of these (I forgot to take a picture with all of them together). I used a wet wipe to rough up the edges of the images a little because I wanted a worn, vintage-like feel. I didn't want perfect squares. I am very happy with how they came out and it was a lot less work and waiting time then the last time I made them!

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